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Lens not turn this into a pun thread Ilgynoth is down!

by Minasmorgoul on Nov 26, 2016 at 09:05 AM}

So during the raid we were all messing up and so Anarchy was yelling:

Y'all just making a spectacle of yourselves with this behaviour.

And then i was thinking:

God that was so cornea

And then i was trying to dot all the adds but Skilled discovered me and said

Eye see what you are doing there

which at point Hispida added:

As so do eye

and then i had to ask Thyranos if he would allow me to help out with the adds and he said:

Eye will not allow it

Then we continued wiping and Elantris was saying :

I retina this'll go on for a while...

After that comment all of us were feeling a bit awkward so someone had to break the eyes.

So at this point Chip yells:

Eye carumba and dies from the boss

So Minasmorgoul has to rez him but he missed but he almost gets himself killed by one of the adds
At this point Amazingunz was spot healing him. The Boss was killed and we were going to lash out but Thyranos

Eye have sacrificed everything what have you given?

At this point we were teyered so we put a lid on it and went to bed!


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