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Me and why I am never leaving this Guild.

by Chipheer on Nov 15, 2016 at 03:23 PM}
So, hello hehe. I guess by now most of you know I play a retribution paladin. Well truth of the matter is i allways played a retri pala. And to be honest i used to suck at it.

Back in wod after insomnia disbanded (without me knowing of anything, was still a pleb) I was looking for a guild to raid in Hellfire Citadel. In trade chat i saw a familiar name, it was in fact Magnosh. He was recruting members to raid in Hellfire Citadel and to be eager to learn and raid. I sucked when i join too.

Fast forword a few weeks and we started raiding. I have no words to describe how much pacient Magnosh was with me. I didnt know which correct talents to use, i didnt know what glyphs, etc. It was with this guild, that raid team, that i learned how to raid, how to be a good player. With the incentive of magnosh I looked for guides and sims about my class, and slowly but surely with the help of my new found friends i was getting better. And yes you had op trinkets and 10+ ivls Awesome XD i remember that quite distinctly.

Nevertheless with time and paciente magnosh and the raid team, one guy that doesnt raid anymore in particular called Wedz forged me in to a good player, They taught me everything i know. Without them i wouldnt be who i am today. I forged friendships in this guild that are worth more than top server progress and achivments. And that is why despite everything i will never leave this guild. And if i do its because all you mofos are going to a different one.

And quoting Thrall now, magnosh. "As long as you lead, I will follow." Thank you for reading boiiissss


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