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An awesomesome chaper in my raiding history

by GoodDane on Nov 15, 2016 at 10:29 AM}
I will add Magnoshs the story as i remember it from Tempest vs HFC.

During HFC i played on my retri paladin AwesomeGunz.
I had stopped playing a few weeks into BRF and when i saw the trailer for HFC patch i just knew that i would start up again ;) My old guild had merged with another guild and the rest were just disbanded, so i had to look for a new guild. I think i used an entire weeks vacation to do daily quests in tanaan jungle and to fish for crafting materials.

I knew that i had to raid and since pugging sucks, i needed a guild! There was a dude in trade who were recruiting members to start an old guild back up. They had somthing like 8/13 after a couple of weeks and then they recruited an awesome retri paladin. I told the GuildLeader that i wanted to join for heroic progression. Magnosh told me that they were only on 8/13 and planned to get atleast 12 before going heroic so if i wanted heroic this wasent the guild yet. Then i asked somthin like: "But for how long do you plan on taking to get 13/13?" and i got an guildinvite :)

I joined the raids and they were fine, and we did good progression. I also saw on dpsmeter that i was actually in the top, which i wasnt used too (only a stupid mage, Mary, usually beat me, very rarely bobby and skilled). It had payed off to farm all the BoE equipment.

There were also another retri in the raiding rooster (Thats you Chip!! :D) who keeps asking me for advice and telling me what to do. And everytime he told me to do somthing and i didnt because it was bullocks and still beat him on dps, the response were always: "You have fucking op trinkets". I have never had a "rival" before and it was good he always looked every thing up on the internet and new how to maximize my dps.

Soon after i were recruited we stood face to face with Archimonde and he provedto be quit a challenge. So much fire and a soo long encounter made it just a chaos fight. This was also before the pingpong tactic. And officers decided to start hc progression. Item upgrades were gained and setbonuses were collected, and then it didnt took long before archmonde NM died. I think the rest of HFC hc went pretty smooth, maybe not ZhulHorac, until we again stood face to face with Archimonde.

The officers started to plan for a Mythic raiding guild, which mean they had to recruit so we had atleast 20 players for each raid. This meant that alot of new players were recruited. New players are always a good thing, but they will halt the heroic progression, which meant we never really got clean hc runs. Always 3 whipes on Socrethar, and never a clean kill on Iskar. This + the fact that i did horrible at my university made me to decision to have a break from wow. After a couple of month i got hooked again. I dont remember if Tempest got the ArchimondeHC kill the week before i joined or if the first kill was actually on my first week back on the rooster :)

Then shortly after there were a stable rooster and we went into HFC again, but this time on mythic. First boos were easy, as long we there were enough DPS, which we had. Second boss, Iron Reaver, had the challenge which many failed on. Its also a new mechanic to wow: Move out of fire. But when the HFC nerfs came in (10+ ilvl from valor) he also quickly got rekt!! With our new valorupgraded gear Kromrok also stood no chance and i think he died the same week as Iron Reaver. Council fight were way harder. The DPS requirement were high with the 3 soft enrage phases, and two hard burnphases. But it wasnt the DPS that made the fight hard, the healers also had to be on point. But eventually we got the tactics we needed and got the kill. Next boss were a joke. As soon as we dropped the Fatboss tactic we got the kill on 3rd attempt or somting.

Then we meet Gorefiend - The guildbreaker. OMG a cancer fight. Everyone had to use a rotation with no AOE and there were just so much stuff going on. We got some decent progression on him, but clearing the first 5 bosses on Wednesday in 2 hours meant we had 7 hours of raiding left on Gorefiend. 7 hours a week used on whipes is just terrible for your mind. Most whipes were even above 95%. We had some progression on him but then the christmas break came. And alot of the members didnt come back. We refilled their slots with new players, but this meant again that we had to progress Council fight. And when we finally got back on Gorefiend we had to pug 2 or 3 players. This eventually led to a raid dispand and the guild went from a mythic raiding guild too social for the rest of WoD.


it's a good read. good to know what happened in WoD, before i joined.
You what you little bitch. You asked me for advice XD and i only remember seeing chipheer on top HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE. For real man nice story, and you should have used seraphim has a i told you!!! I rekt ur anus in mythic rememba XD SINGLE TARGET SERAPHIM TO OP. But, in heroic progression remember that you were the top ilvl by like 13 ilvls XD and yees fuck you and your mannoroth trinket. Still want that shit to this day haha

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