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Raiding with Tempest

This is a list of what you will get and what we expect of you in a raid.

You will get:
- A Friendly environment;
- Clear decisions and directions during the fights;
- At least one 10 minutes break at around 21:30 server time;
- A huge repair bill;
- Last but not least a dedicated team.

What do we expect of you:
- Knowledge of the tactics for the content you are doing;
- Knowledge of your class and role;
- To respect the raid and the raid leader;
- Full raid preparation - including food, flasks, potions, enchants, gems, gear repaired and necessary addons;
- Being online 15 minutes before the raid starts because that's when the Invites start;
- To inform your officers when you can't be in time for the Raid;
- A stable internet connection during Raids;
- A working microphone and speakers;
- Keeping an eye on the forum.
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