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Guild ranks

Guild Master
The creator and ruler of the Guild, any problem or concern you have can be talked to him if the officers were unable to help you. He will do his best to make the guild successful and ever-growing.

An Officer will keep the peace in the guild to a maximum. They are entrusted members of the guild that have the power to sort things out. Any problem or concern you have can and should be talked to them.

Mythic Raider
This rank is for raiders that have proven to be above the majority, that have better attendance and most importantly they not only perform greatly on a personal level but also on a group level. There will be around 25 players on this rank at any given time so the guild always has enough players to raid Mythic even if a couple of players cannot attend a certain day. Because we don't want to overwhelm this rank with players, anyone who is not performing accordingly will be demoted to the rank below opening a spot for someone else to be promoted.

The members that have passed the trial period and that are in the right track. They have the right attitude and performance. They will have priority when it comes to be picked for raids over Trials and Socials.

These are newly joined players that will be tested. Usually the trial period will be over after 1 week of raiding or 3 raiding days, after which will be decided if they become raiders or socials. Players enduring the trial period will have lower priority over loot.

The heart and soul of the guild they will help keeping the guild chat alive and they might join raids depending on the guild needs and their availability.
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