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Loot system

Our goal is to get the most players properly geared as soon as possible. To help this, nothing better than everyone knowing their class properly and which items benefits them the most. So, every player that will be raiding should have a list on the forums with their Best in Slot (BiS) items where everyone can check which items they will be sharing.

To have a fast paced loot distribution you will be asked to roll for an item under the following priority list:

- BiS: If the item is your best in slot
- Upgrade: If the item is not your best in slot but a more powerful item that the one you have equipped
- Offspec: If you need the item for one of your offspecs
- Transmog: If you want the item for cosmetic purposes

We will be giving priority to players that have the item listed on the forum as their Best in Slot because they will be getting the most out of it. In the scenario of multiple players needing the same item they will be asked for a solution (e.g. one might pass for a less geared teammate), if they come up with non they will simply roll for the item wining the highest roller.

The loot priority based on ranks is as follow: Mythic Raider > Heroic Raider > Social = Trial

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